3rd Annual Entrepreneurial Summit

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Delaware Entrepreneurial Summit, which will be hosted at neoFest - a community effort to celebrate what's new in innovation.

Welcome all Entrepreneurs!

The entrepreneurial spirit runs deep within the community. 

Delaware has always fostered innovation, cooperation and education. This year’s Entrepreneurial Summit has combined forces with NeoFest and the entrepreneurial community to offer you a way for you to learn, network and collaborate with local entrepreneurs, business leaders, legislators, educators and policy makers all in one place.

The 3rd Annual Entrepreneurial Summit continues to be the regional Summit whereby you can meet and learn from others in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

Whether you’re looking to articulate your value proposition, understand cash flow, or get funding, the Summit has you covered with educational workshops. 

You can network with hundreds of entrepreneurs, small business owners, resources and professionals in the tri-state area about developing your business. What better place to find a business mentor to help grow your business than at the Entrepreneurial Summit.


Plenary Panel

 Our featured plenary panel will offer you the opportunity to hear from Dr. Dan Young and a slate of CEO’s representing successful entrepreneurial organizations. They will be speaking to the issues that were most surprising and educational as they built their companies. 

Dan Young


Founding Director and Assistant Professor, Doctor of Business Administration Program, Goldey-Beacom College



Session 1 - Tech Talks

 This session will offer you the ability to speak with the leaders of technology firms that are changing the entrepreneurial environment and changing the world.  Deal with innovative executives that are bringing new technologies into the market that are innovative and impactful.  

Session 2 - Global Sustainability & Inclusivity: Developing a Winning Business Strategy

 Today’s economy has evolved. The most successful business leaders are focused on far-reaching and inclusive sustainability strategies that consider customers, employees, investors, suppliers, the local community, and the environment. We will speak with business leaders to understand: 1) the business case for inclusive and sustainable business practices, and 2) strategies to capture a competitive advantage while increasing your financial and social returns. 

Denita Henderson (Moderator)


 Associate State Director, Delaware Small Business Development Center

David Stangis


Founder & CEO 21C IMPACT; Former Campbell's Soup Chief Sustainability Officer; author of 21st Century Corporate Citizenship: A Practical Guide to Delivering Value to Society and Your Business

Alan Horowitz


 Principal and Managing Director of Trusted Companies; formerly led the EHS, Compliance, Risk & Security function for Microsoft’s Cloud Infrastructure & Operations (MCIO)

Melanie George-Smith


 Founder & CEO, Sustainable World Strategies; State Director of the Delaware Sustainable Business Council

Session 3 - Funding STEM/Deep Technology Startups

There are issues that STEM companies face that are significantly different than main street businesses.  Through angel investors, crowdfunding, government grants and other mechanisms, the funding vehicles and road to financial stability for your firm is riddled with opportunities and challenges. 

Gail Ball


Founder and Managing Partner (Emeritus), Chestnut Street Ventures

Bryan Tracy


CEO and Co-Founder at White Dog Labs

Session 4 - Taking Your Value Proposition to Market

 While you might feel that your idea is the greatest idea since sliced bread, how do you convey that to the market? Learn how to build the business imperative that makes your product stand out to the market.  

Session 5 - Scaling Up Your Business

 There are issues in growing a business that all entrepreneurs face: How to make the first hire.  How to make computer systems scalable.  How to make production scalable.  If you feel that your entrepreneurial idea will grow, this session will help you to plan for growth. 

Session 6 - Find Your Funding

 It costs money to start and grow a business, and funding a business is one of the first — and most important — financial choices most business owners need to make. Yet, many founders and owners are not quite sure how best to pursue it. In this workshop, the panelists will discuss the key elements of an effective financial strategy: 1)  finding the right solution at the right time for your particular business; 2) the best time to seek funding; 3) Knowing the differences between several different funding models; 4)  the top options available for small businesses from loans to creative solutions like crowd-lending. 

Ellyn Herbert (Moderator)


 Economic Development Specialist, Small Business Administration

Van Hampton


 President, True Access Capital 

John Fleming


 Director, Small Business Administration

Topiltzin Gomez


 Philadelphia City Manager, Honeycomb Credit

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